My amazing JOB | Digital Strategy & Consulting

Some people deny change, some avoid it, some embrace it. Right now Digital Transformation is shifting old paradigms by the minute. And I’m cool with that.

I don’t code. I don’t solder mainboards. And I most definitely won’t help with your system admin. But I do embrace change. I can be your guide through times of change. Together we will find your strategy.

My immutable CORE | Communication & Storytelling

Communication is the key to almost everything. Some think we live in a world dominated by data. I believe we live in a world dominated by stories.

This is why I have put my everlasting love of stories to work. So far I have written hundreds of speeches, press releases and bits of social media content. If you’ve got a story to tell, I can probably help.

My limitless PASSION | Games & the Metaverse

I am a gamer at heart. Any game you have ever heard of I most likely have played. Or had good reasons not to. To me games are not only fun but the future of of social interaction.

Games are the new key medium. I keep an eye on the current developments in the industry, the surrounding industries and the technology. If you want to talk games you have found the right person.