Review: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

About two weeks ago the spectacular main trailer for The Batman showed us all which direction the movie franchise is going to take for the foreseeable future. Director Matt Reeves is taking Batman to his noir roots which is no coincidence as Reeves is also involved in the new Batman animated series called Batman: Caped Crusader which puts special emphasis on the noir element. Fascinating to see Batman animation once again champion this direction!

In short: Fans who like to see Bruce Wayne and his alter ego in the noir style are bound for good times! Don’t get me wrong, I hold the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan in the highest regard. In fact I would consider it a masterpiece. Nolan’s realistic approach brought something new to the table and changed the perception of the character forever. Christian Bale owned the duality of Bruce Wayne and made his use of and struggle with darkness believable.

Before we go any further let me confess that I am not (yet) an expert on the cultural phenomenon that is Batman. I have only casually followed the adventures of the urban crusader since I first encountered him via Tim Burton‘s interpretation. To me Michael Keaton will always be the Batman and I am very excited that he will be revisiting that role in the upcoming The Flash movie. Maybe this time the costume will allow him to turn his head. Again: Good times ahead!

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Life of a Storyteller 1: Coffee & Caladan

I love spending a Saturday afternoon doing absolutely nothing. By that however I don’t mean forgetting to do the dishes and sitting around the flat all day before switching to Netflix in the evening.

That approach has its place in life but most of the time I find it horribly dull. I mean the exciting kind of doing nothing. It usually begins by picking one of my favourite shirts to wear and going for a stroll.

Having the good fortune of living near a body of water, the wonderful Alster Lakes, my focused aimlessness usually starts there. The sun warming your face and staring at ducks or other paddling, flying, diving bird-things, you could think you have reached peak doing nothing.

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