Our story begins here

Since times lost to history we have been drawn to stories. They are the compass by which individuals and societies find orientation in a chaotic world. As long as there is consciousness there will be heroes on a journey.

In the past, the role of the master-storyteller often fell to writers, philosophers and artists. They crafted the narratives people enjoyed, retold and strived to live by. Many of these works are what we call culture and many hold perennial truths.

The realm of culture however is nothing but dynamic, creating new paths to explore. Social networks, multiplayer games, the dawn of the Metaverse are yet other fireplaces around which we gather to spin tales. We all have become storytellers.

While many think that we live in a world dominated by numbers, I believe we live in a world ruled by stories. Though facts and figures are important, the story creates the meaning and the impact.

In case you think that our stories might intertwine or if you have a particularly good yarn to spin, feel invited to reach out. Great journeys begin with the most inconspicuous of steps.