Our story begins here

Since our most distant ancestors gathered around the first fires we have been fascinated by stories. Stories are the compass by which individuals and societies find orientation in a chaotic world. Where there are humans there will always be heroes on a journey.

In the past the role of the master storyteller frequently fell to writers, philosophers and artists. They created the narratives we enjoyed, copied and tried to live ourselves. Many of their works became what today is called high culture.

The field of storytelling evolves constantly. The heroes living in the libraries and hanging out at the art museum today are joined by sisters and brethren who rose to fame through graphic novels, web series or video games. Penthesilea meets Wonderwoman.

And not only have the narrative formats changed. Our interaction with these stories has fundamentally changed. It has been enriched by media allowing for interactivity and co-creation on a global level. All of us have become storytellers.

World-spanning fandoms, video game communities, the dawn of the metaverse – virtual realities have become fireplaces around which we gather to spin our tales. Geek culture is not a derogatory term anymore but has become a driver of innovation.

I am active in many of these contexts, creating and sharing stories. Stories & Strategies are essential to everything I think and do. If you’d like to know more about me or my professional interests do not hesitate to get in touch.